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About the Company

The Scarlet Thread Store is a nonprofit, survivor-made/fair trade retail business and social enterprise.   We sell beautiful products that are handmade by survivors of human trafficking and other forms of exploitation. We exist so people in Jacksonville, FL and around the world can experience hope, freedom, and independence.  100% of your purchase is reinvested into restoring the lives of our artisans.  Our products have the power to change lives!

The Scarlet Thread began in 2012 in a remote tribal village in India. While living in India, our founder, Kim, saw the desperation of the poorest families on the planet. Daily she came face to face with extreme starvation, hopelessness, and exploitation.  Many of the families were young women with children. These women had no education or skills to earn money to feed their children.  Many would give their children to orphanages in hopes they would survive.

Kim believed if these women could learn to make and sell handicrafts, they would be able to support their families and feed their children. She bought materials, went into the villages, and taught the women to sew sari blouses and other items. On the hard dirt floor of a simple “house” in India, The Scarlet Thread social enterprise began.

The Scarlet Thread is now an online and mobile pop-up store based in Jacksonville, Florida. We train local survivors of human trafficking to make unique jewelry to earn income. We pay our artisans UP FRONT for every product they make. All profits are donated to organization that serve survivors of human exploitation. Our vision is to give exploited women in Jacksonville, FL  and around the world a global marketplace to sell their handmade items. Every item we sell has a story of survival and restoration behind it.  We aren’t just selling products, we are changing lives one purchase at a time!  Be a part of the revolution.