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Empowering Others ~ Ending Exploitation



mar·gin·al·ize: /märjənəˌlīz/: verb: to put or keep someone in a powerless or unimportant position in a society or group. To treat a person as insignificant or peripheral. 

We view our business as a way to empower marginalized artisans worldwide. It’s more than just beautiful products, it’s about the people!


Click on the Locations below to see our impact in each area:

+ United States

Human Trafficking Rescue:

We partner with Her Song, a Jacksonville-based organization that seeks out and rescues women from human trafficking in NE Florida. Her Song provide safe shelter, food, healthcare, literacy programs, skills programs, and counseling. The Scarlet Thread works with the local women to teach jewelry-making skills. We pay the women to make our original designs and pay them UP FRONT for their work. All profits from the jewelry is donated to Her Song and other organizations that fight human trafficking.

Adult Entertainment/Strip Clubs

We partner with Hadassah's Hope, a Jacksonville, FL orgranization that works to rescue women in the adult entertainment industry. The organization helps women who are forced to work in strip clubs by their trafficker. Many of these women are forced into prostitution while working in the clubs.


The Scarlet Thread partners with World Relief and works with refugees from around the world who now live in Jacksonville, FL. We teach sewing and jewlry-making to the women to help provide income for their families as they learn to live in the USA.

+ India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Philippines

Rescue programs for women & girls in the brothels:

We work with organizations that give safe shelter, food, clothing, and healthcare to women who are rescued from the world's worst brothels. They have access to literacy programs and are taught a skill that will provide them with income. The Scarlet Thread purchases products from the women in these shelters.

These programs also rescue the daughters of women who have yet to leave prostitution. 90% of all female children born in a brothel with one day become prostitutes themselves. It is vital to help these girls escape while they are young so that they can be given education and a safe future.

Orphan Prevention:

By teaching marginalized women to create and sell handicrafts, these programs are preventing children from becoming orphans. Women in these training programs and the main income earners for their families.

Widow Care:

Due to social structures, being a widow in India can mean no means of income, poverty, and starvation. The programs we work with treat widows with dignity and acceptance. The widows are taught skills that allow them to earn a living by selling their handicrafts.

+ Ethiopia

Survivors of Female Mutilation:

We purchase from a group of women artisans that live together in a community for survivors of female genital mutilation. These women have escaped immense brutality. They suffer from health issues as a result of their mutilation and are considered outcasts in their society. Together these women have built a future together by producing beautiful jewelry made from bullet casings left in fields from wars.

+ Uganda

Refugees & Former Prisoners of War:

We support women who have escaped from being prisoners of war and are now living in refugees camps. These women are part of a program that educates them and teaches small business practices so they can build their handicraft business. The program in Uganda also provides education for the artisans’ children.

+ Honduras

Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation:

We purchase leather goods from artisans in Honduras who are recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. These men & women are rebuilding their lives by producing beautiful hand-tooled leather products while recovering in a rehabilitation program.

+ Chile, Peru, Guatemala, Haiti, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil

Fighting Poverty:

Poverty and unemployment are rampant in these countries. Artisan training programs in these countries teach men & women to make beautiful jewelry, clothing, and home décor. These jobs provide them & their families income.

+ Moldova

Orphan Care & Trafficking Prevention:

Moldova is a small eastern European country with a high rate of poverty and unemployment. Due to decades of war, there are many orphans in Moldova. We partner with Crossroads Compassion Project, an organization that provides a safe home for girls and boys who have “aged-out” of traditional Moldovan orphanages and are at high risk of being sex trafficked. These artisans are earning income in hopes of one day attending college.