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Sunhala- Re-writing a widow’s fate in India.

Becoming a widow is a sad, grief-filled time for any woman.  It can be even more devastating if you live in rural India. 

Ancient practices still exist in rural areas of India for a widow.  She is no longer accepted by society and lives with great shame.  Her community believes she is the bearer of bad luck for not being able to protect her husband’s life.  She cannot attend weddings or other celebrations.  She is unable to remarry or even live in her children’s homes.  She has no marketable skills to find a job.  Her future is scary and uncertain.

This was Sunhala’s story.  After her husband died, she had no family support or a way to earn income.  She was grieving, alone, and had little hope.  Then Sunhala began attending the meetings at The White Peacock, a handicraft training business that teaches women how to design and craft handmade items.

Sunhala discovered she had a talent for crocheting.  She began creating her own designs for coasters, doilies, and gloves.  Her products became top-sellers with The White Peacock.  Sunhala now spends her week crocheting her one-of-a-kind products.  She feels useful and valued again.  She is able to support herself from the sale of her products.  Sunhala is no longer a widow without hope, she is an empowered woman!