The Scarlet Thread Business Model

Kim teaching tribal women to sew - Copy.JPG

How to Establish a Fair-Trade Business in Developing Nations

  1. Identify handicrafts made by local artisans that are indigenous to their country/region. 
  2.  Determine the "salability" of these items on the global retail market.
  3. Identify exact items to be made by the artisans and the quality standard for each item. 
  4. Agree upon a fair, ethical price to be paid by the business to the artisan for their handicraft.  Verify that all working environments are safe and free of slave or child labor.
  5. Front the materials for the items to be made (on an account) to the artisans. 
  6. Set an agreed-upon, reasonable time frame for production of items. 
  7. Approve the quality of each product brought for sale by the artisans. 
  8. Purchase the handmade item from the artisan and settle their account. ie:deduct the cost of materials and pay the artisan immediately upon receipt of their handicraft. 
  9. Re-sell the handmade products to the Scarlet Thread at a wholesale cost.
  10. The Scarlet Thread will market and sell approved global artisans' products on the U. S. retail market.